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Understanding Blended Interest Rates: A Comprehensive Guide

By Jason Neuffer |   Nov 02, 2023

Interest rates play a fundamental role in the world of finance. Whether you're taking out a loan, saving money in a bank account, or investing in the stock market, interest rates have a significant impact on your financial decisions. Blended interest rates are a concept that often arises in various financial situations, and understanding them is crucial for making informed financial choices. In this blog post, we'll explore the concept of blended interest rates, how they work, and their relevance in different financial scenarios.

Helping Home Buyers with Chapter 13 Bankruptcy

By Jason Neuffer |   Aug 01, 2023

In the dynamic world of real estate, every potential home buyer's journey is unique, and as professionals, it's crucial to stay informed about various financial situations that may impact their dreams of homeownership. Today, we want to shed light on a significant misconception that many real estate agents may not be aware of - the possibility of home loan approval for buyers with a history of Chapter 13 bankruptcy.

Your Comprehensive Guide to Purchasing a New Home: Step-by-Step Process

By Jason Neuffer |   Jul 07, 2023

Purchasing a new home is an exciting milestone, but the process can sometimes feel overwhelming. To help you navigate this journey with confidence, we have prepared a step-by-step guide outlining the essential stages involved in buying a new home. By following these steps, you can streamline your search, make informed decisions, and ensure a successful home buying experience.

Overcoming Bankruptcy: Your Path to Homeownership Starts Here

By Jason Neuffer |   Jun 13, 2023

Life can be unpredictable, and sometimes we face financial challenges that result in bankruptcy. But here's the good news: your past does not define your future, especially when it comes to achieving the dream of owning a home. In this blog post, we'll explore the options available to you and how you can navigate the path to homeownership, even after bankruptcy. Let's dive in!

Mortgage Planning During Divorce

By Angela Medlar |   May 01, 2023

Divorce can be a difficult, expensive and emotional time for everyone involved. If you and your spouse own a home together and have a mortgage, it can add an additional layer of complexity to the process. Here are some tips on how to handle your mortgage during a divorce.

What Is The Real Cost Of Mortgage Steering?

By Angela Medlar |   May 19, 2022

The real cost of mortgage steering could be tens of thousands of dollars over the life of the mortgage loan and could even make the difference between winning and losing an offer on a home.

It may seem super innocent. A mortgage lender offers to pay for a real estate agent’s marketing or offers the agent a desk in the lender’s office. In return, the real estate agent exclusively sends buyers to that mortgage lender, which may have terms less favorable than those of other lenders.

A HECM Could Help You Enjoy Having No Monthly Mortgage Payments During Retirement

By Jason Neuffer |   May 10, 2022

Interest rates and inflation are rising rapidly. The good news is, so are home values. This means if you are feeling the squeeze from rising prices at the gas pump and grocery store, your home equity may be the key to your financial freedom. How does no monthly mortgage payment and instead having payments made to you monthly sound? Too good to be true? It may be within reach.

How is an underwritten approval letter different from a pre-approval letter?

By Jason Neuffer |   Apr 27, 2022

In today’s busy housing market, buyers find themselves making as many as 20 offers before one is accepted. Your approval letter could be the difference between getting the home of your dreams and losing it to a competing offer. You might be thinking, “Well, I have a pre-approval letter!” But was that letter underwritten by an actual underwriter?